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Rubber Rejuvenator

Great stuff, use on idler wheels or pinch rollers.

Deglazes, Cleans and Revitalizes rubber surfaces.

$18 for 1oz bottle as shown

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Turntable Motor Grommets

If your having turntable speed issue's or picking up drive noise, then it's time to replace your grommets!

Sold in sets of three, these grommets fit:

AMI models A-J (Note: they are not exact fit for F-J models, but will work)

All Rockola models from the 1436 thru 498 / R1000

All AMI/Rowe models from the JAL thru R83

These are exact replacement for both white (typically yellowed) and black types.

IMG_6319.JPG (19435 bytes)

$12 per set of 3

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Rockola Coils

Rockola carriage cancel coil part #34557

Fits both the write-in and read-out carriages on all models 1484-474 (except the 408)

$25 each

Rockola Wobble Plate coil part #34556

Fits all models 1484-474 (except the 408)

$25 each

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Rowe/AMI JAL-R80 Magazine Used Drive Gears


Rear Magazine drive gear with small pin (Roughly 1/16") $35


Rear Magazine drive gear with large pin (Roughly 1/8") $35

Rowe Front Magazine Drive Gear $40

Rowe/AMI Search Unit Circuit Boards


Fits some JBM, Most JAN/JAO and all MM1 - R80

Search Unit Circuit Board, New Factory Original $75

Rowe 130 Watt 4-07101-03 Driver Boards


NOS driver boards sold in pairs only $90

Rowe Tone Arm Cam

Brand New Cam fits all Rowe Models R84 - R94


New Replacement Pawl for above cam


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Seeburg Pin Cancel Coils


Part #304370 $25 each

Mounts on the plastic carriage under the pinbank on models: 100B-100R

2 Used per machine

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New Replacement Seeburg Motor Capacitors

$29 each

1.0/1.4 for models: 100B-222

.75/1.65 for Models: Q-STD4

2.2/2.2 for Models: SMC and other 3 wire Nidec motor applications

Coming soon! Pre-orders are now being accepted

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Seeburg Carriage Drive Parts

The following parts fit all 45 playing jukeboxes and some library units.

Models: 100-B thru SMC3

If your picking up motor hum/noise, wow or flutter it's most likely caused but stiff driveline parts.

These brand new replacements are made of modern ultra soft and long lasting rubber, these couplers and mounts are super quiet & the best available.

New Replacement Seeburg Motor Couplers


Super Soft Rubber Coupler $29.99

Motor Mounts

Matching pair of motor mounts for the coupler above $50

Temporarily Out Of Stock

Nidec Motor Mount Adapters

If you have a Seeburg STD4 or SMC model it probably has a Nidec 3 wire changer motor

The mounting area on Nidec motors is slightly smaller then the standard 4 wire motor

Order a pair of these adapters along with the above mounts and your in business!

$15 per pair

Motor Support Rubber


Motor Support Rubber $6

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Wurlitzer "Duck Bill" repair kits

These Guide Tip kits fit the lift arms of all 200 play Wurlitzer models 2000-3300

Includes all parts as shown $25 - enough to do one arm. 

Wurlitzer Motor Mounts

Turntable Motor Mounts for 1700-3800, 7500 & 1050

Note: Mounts are now 5/8" in length instead of the original 1/2"

2 Mounts $15

Set of 3 $20

 Set of 4 $25

Turntable motor Grommet 1700-2600 uses one. 2700-3300 uses two

Sold as single pieces: $5 each

Wurlitzer Clamp and Pin Assembly

also known as Clamp Arms

This is the plastic arm that fits inside the larger metal gripper arm that picks up and moves the records.

Used in all US built Wurlitzers from the 3400 through the 1050 Part #133434  and part #41 000 043 00 all German jukes playing 45's

Clamp Arm for 45 play $29.99

Temporarily out of stock

Also available: Clamp arm for CD Wurlitzers, looks like above but designed for the slightly different for the CD gripper arm.

Clamp Arm for CD Play $29.99

Temporarily out of stock


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Amherst, MA 01002


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