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Brand New Replacement Locks for Jukebox Cash Box Doors/Drawers, Cabinets or Wallboxes

These top quality barrel locks are perfect replacements for Jukeboxes, Wallboxes, Pinball's & Video Games.

ACE Locks

Made to the same specs as the factory originals use in Wurlitzer Jukes & Wallboxes from the late 40's thru early 70's

Excellent replacement for cash doors and wallboxes original fitted with WCX ACE locks from the factory.

Random keyed (not WCX series)


$19.99 each, available in two lengths: 11/16" & 15/16"

Select Barrel Length

Illinois Locks

Made to the same specs as the factory originals use in Rockola jukes from 1946-early 70's

& Seeburg machines from the 100A thru STD4

A= 1 1/8"

Rockola Locks

Direct replacement for most cash doors

Will also replacement many lid locks through the 460 model and some wallboxes

Comes standard with straight cam as shown, I also offer a 1/8" outward offset cam.

If you need the offset cam, please specify when ordering.


$20 Each

Select Lock Number

Seeburg Back Door

Exact replacement Illinois back door locks for Seeburg 100A-DS160


$20 Each

Select Lock Number

Seeburg Cash Door

Exact replacement Illinois back door locks for Seeburg 100A-DS160 (will fit up to the LS2)


$20 Each 

Select Lock Number

Need a cash door lock with a non-standard key number?

If you have a jukebox on a commercial location or anyplace you don't want to allow easy access to your money, then its a good idea to use a lock with a non-standard key

This lock is the same as the above but with a unique key number

Comes complete as shown above, but includes two matching keys

National Locks

Excellent Quality and Exact Replacement for:

AMI F and later models

All 45 and many CD Rowe/AMI jukeboxes

Factory Numbered Replacement National Locks

Use these locks for cabinets & Back doors, each lock is keyed to the factory original numbers

Can also be sued for cash doors for home use where security isn't an issue

Available keying: RI303, C440A, C256A, C033A & C092A

Available in three sizes: A= 5/8", 15/16" & 1 1/8" barrel length

Not all keyings are available in all sizes, see the drop-down menu for a complete listing

Price $19 each all lengths

5/8" Locks: Select Lock Number

15/16" Locks: Select Lock Number

1 1/8" Locks Are Only Available in #C440A

Random Numbered National Locks

The exact type lock your AMI came from the factory with.

Perfect for cash doors, where you don't want standardized keying for security.

  National 5/8" Lock

5/8 Barrel length, 3/8" of actual thread


National 15/16" Lock

7/8" barrel length, 3/4" actual thread


Fort Locks

Quality & Versatility, Available in the following sizes: A= 3/8, 5/8, 7/8, 1 1/8 or 1 3/8"

Programmable lock, key can be set to release from 1 to 4 positions

All lengths $14

Barrel Length

Chicago Locks

My best quality and highest security lock. Available in two lengths: A= 5/8 or 13/16

Chicago locks were original issue on Wurlitzer jukeboxes.

The closest thing to the original factory lock available today.


Select Barrel Length




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