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General Use

AMI / Rowe NSM Rockola Seeburg Wurlitzer General Use


General Use Light Bulbs

Below are lamps that are commonly used in a number of make/models and applications.

If you need a specialty/limited use or an otherwise oddball light bulb, please check under the specific make and model of your machine.


6.3 Volt Bi-Pin



7 Volt Bi-Pin 2cp $4.49 each


14 Volt B-Pin .9 cp

$2.00 each


6.3 volt .9 cp

Select Quantity


6.3 volt .5 cp

Select Quantity


7.5 volt 1 cp

Select Quantity


14.4 volt 1cp

Select Quantity


7 volt 2cp

Select Quantity


14 volt 2cp

Select Quantity


7 volt 3cp

Select Quantity


6.5 volt 6cp

Select Quantity


14 volt .27 cp

Select Quantity


28 VOLT 3.5CP

Select Quantity


28 VOLT .34 CP

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