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Rowe Jukebox Drive Belts 

Scan down the page to view my complete inventory of Rowe drive belts.

Don't see your belt listed? Feel free to email me, if I can find a match I'll add it to the site!

Helpful hint! The average life expectancy for a drive belt is about 8 years. If you can't remember the last time you changed your belt, or never have, your long overdue...an old stiff belt will cause accelerated wear of your driveline!

Rowe Magazine Belt for Early Models

Fits all Rowe early 45 playing 200 Selection models with #1100 series changer: JAL/JEL. JBM, JAN, JAO, MM1-MM6, TI1 & 2, CTI 1 & 2, R74-R83

Also fits down-converted 100 and 160 play JAL/JEL, JBM, JAN and JAO

Replaces Rowe #201-10895 / 2-10895-10


Rowe Magazine Belt for True 100 Selection Models

For Rowe 45 playing 100 Selection models (holds 50 records) with #1100 series changer

Fits: CMM1-CMM4 & RI-1 & 2

Replaces Rowe #202-10895


Expected in Stock 8/28


Rowe JAN-JAO Animation Drive Belts

Rowe Models JAN and JAO each use a pair of spinning wheels to produce a colorful animated effect. Each wheel requires one belt.

IMG_5615.JPG (99236 bytes)

Replaces Rowe #200-12499

Now sold in red silicone for smoother action and longer life!

Sold in pairs: $16

Rowe Search Unit Drive Belts

All Rowe jukes from the JAL through the R-80 utilized a search unit. The early models (JAL thru early MM2) used a gear drive, then around the MM3 model they switched to the double belt drive system

Its also quite possible to find a belt driven unit on a pre-MM3 model as search units will interchange as far back as the later production JBM model

IMG_5609.JPG (62383 bytes)

Scan belts stretch and crack with age and can cause problems/failures in the selection system

They should always be replaced when servicing the machine

Replaces Rowe #200-14265

Now in red silicone -  longer lasting and grip better

Rowe Search Unit Belts, Sold in matched pairs $12

Rowe Turntable Drive Belts

Fits all Rowe belt drive turntables from the R-84 through the R-94, RI3 - RI5 & Bubbler models

Also Antique Apparatus 45 models.

IMG_5614.JPG (73697 bytes)

IMG_2694.JPG (13239 bytes)

Replaces Rowe #3-7922-01 

Red silicone - exact factory replacement

Rowe Turntable Belt $14

Rowe Magazine Belt for Late Models Playing 45's

Fits all Rowe later 45 playing models R-84 through the R-94, RI3 - RI5 & Bubbler models

Replaces Rowe #21813801 $24.99


Rowe CD100 Series Animation Drive Belts

A number of Rowe's very popular CD100 models have a color cylinder driven by a rubber belt

IMG_2700.JPG (22012 bytes)

CD100 Animation Drive Belt $12

Rowe Magazine Belt for CD100 Models

Fits all Rowe CD100 Compact Disc playing models


Replaces Rowe #21813802 $24.99




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