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AMI / Rowe

AMI / Rowe NSM Rockola Seeburg Wurlitzer General Use


AMI/Rowe Jukebox Lamps

Below you should be able to find any light bulb you might require for your AMI or Rowe jukebox.

If you can't find your bulb, email I may be able to special order it for you.

The application outlines I have listed are only an outline, they are not meant to be absolute.

If you disagree with my application listing, or feel it's incomplete please forward your opinions. I'm always interested in upgrading the sites info


Please Note: I do not carry florescent bulbs



6.3 volt .9 cp

Commonly used indicator lamp in many models

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6.3 volt .5 cp

Another commonly used indicator lamp in many models

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JAL/JEL Lower Door Lamp

This is the correct lamp for the lower door grill ornament (the red cone shaped lens) on all JAL & JEL models.


JBM Animation Lamps

This is the correct lamp used in all JBM Animation units.


6.3 VOLT .33CP

Used in R81 thru R83 models

Also in some Bill Changers/Accepters

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28 VOLT .62CP

Used in R74 and R80 models

Also in some Bill Changers/Accepters

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14 volt .3cp

Animation lamp used in all late models with chasers lights, R85 and up.

Indicator lamp commonly used in CD100 and CD51 models.

Sold by the box of 10 for $10

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Twist Socket for above #73 Bulb

New replacement twist sockets are $1.35 each

10 sockets for $11.99


10 sockets + 10 bulbs for only $20.00

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13.5 volt 4 cp

Animation lamp used in R84 models with chasers lights


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