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ATTN EU & UK Customers - New Import Rules in Effect!

Due to new EU & UK VAT tax requirements, I am no longer able, at least for the moment, to ship orders valued less then $160.00 US directly to counties in the EU or UK

For orders under $160 you can either have your order shipped to a non UK/EU address and then relayed to you or use MYUS.com (https://www.myus.com) and they will forward it to you

If your order totals $160 US or more I can still ship directly to you

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Tracking Information

Once your order has been processed, a the tracking number is registered with Paypal that number will follow via the email you entered with your order

Note: Some small orders will be shipped via first class letter post. These are typically orders of 1 or 2 keys,  and other small items - These orders do not include tracking

Online tracking updates do not start until the order is actually scanned in by the postal service, so allow some lead time

The postal service is responsible for late shipments and does not guaranty delivery times for any of their services

Winter rules: It is not uncommon for long shipping delays to happen during the winter months. Bad weather can stall orders (including priority and express) for several days or longer

Miss-Delivered Orders

If your order tracking states delivered but you did not receive you order here's what to do:

First, check places you don't expect your mail, back door, front door and so on

Second, check with your neighbors

Third, contact your local PO. When tracked packages are dropped off the location is noted via GPS, the PO can backtrack the delivery and recover your order

 Notice there's no forth step telling you to contact me? That's because I cannot retrieve your lost order, only your local PO can do that...

Time is of the essence, the long you wait to do something the lesser the chance of getting a positive results - don't procrastinate!

Lost Orders

Its extremely rare for an order to be completely lost, on US orders a trace can be requested by the customer directly to the postal service once tracking has stalled for more them 5 days

Needles4Jukeboxes does not consider a domestic order to be a possible loss until a minimum of 14 business days has passed

My experience has been that tracking can stall for weeks, but that orders find their way to their destination or back to my hands, but almost never are completely lost

If you flip out do it somewhere else as you'll likely get no response here and be banned from future purchases, if you stay clam I'll do all things possible & everything will be worked out

Needles4Jukeboxes does not consider a export order to be a possible loss until a minimum of 12 weeks has passed


I have no control over the US Postal service

If your order gets hung up, takes what you think is to long or whatever, I have nothing to do with it

So please don't take out your frustrations on me, the postal service is a government run business, contact your local and/or regional postmaster, congressmen and/or the postmaster general


Want to find out where your order is?

This is where I get my tracking info 17Track.net


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Standard shipping is first class mail via USPS and is flat rate

$5.49 for US orders, $18.99 Canada & $24.99 Worldwide

  ---  Faster options are available during checkout  ---

Order Fulfillment

Nearly all orders placed before 10:00 AM EST are shipped same day

10:00 isn't absolutely the cut off, but in general its a good rule of thumb

Pricing Vs Service Vs Delivery Time

All orders are shipped through the United States Postal Service

Delivery times are not guarantied!

If you upgrade priority or express mail and have a problem with delivery time - Take it up with your local or regional postmaster

Standard Shipping - First Class Mail  US Delivery

Orders shipped inside the US and US territories via Standard First Class Shipping at a cost of $5.49

Delivery times of 3-14 business days is typical (not guarantied) for US orders

Standard Shipping - First Class Mail  Export Delivery

Shipping for all export orders (except flat keys) with the standard first class mail option is $18.99 to Canada and $24.99 Worldwide

Delivery times of 10-25 business days. These are typical, not guarantied

First Class mail offers tracking on US shipments and partial to complete tracking for export orders depending on destination country

Priority Mail

Priority Mail service: For US customers runs $8.95, 2-3 business days delivery is typical but not guarantied

Priority Mail service: For US territories delivery runs $9.95

Priority service is available to select export customers, 6-25 business day delivery typical

Tracking is included on priority orders, but not necessarily in real time especially with export shipments

Express Mail

Express Mail Service: US customers runs $29.99, expect 1-3 day delivery is typical but not guarantied

Not available for sales outside the US

Some Words on Shipping

I don't get very many emails regarding delayed delivery times or lost shipments, but when I do they tend to be from very anxious people

Please remember, once your order leaves my hands there is nothing I can do to alter it's course or speed it up

If you want your order to arrive quickly, use faster shipping! This isn't Amazon, if you want 2-3 day delivery, then pay for priority service (just like Prime...), Its that simple

A final word

This is small a family run business, we are your neighbors and fellow hobbyists.  If you need help with a problem, just ask I'll do my best to assist you

On the other hand, people who feel the need to rude, pushy, like to bully or just can't seem be courteous should shop elsewhere

I give everyone a fair shake, but the world doesn't revolve around you or me

In all fairness to both you and I, there are limits to what I can do for any one person, be reasonable and so will I

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Address Related Order Problems

I regularly have cases of delayed, returned or lost orders due to customers either not keeping they're PayPal account information updated or supplying miss-spelt or otherwise inaccurate mailing addresses

It's your responsibility to keep their PayPal account address accurate and up to date. Likewise, customers using the PayPal check out system with a credit card must be sure they are supplying a complete and accurate address

If your order is returned to me for addressing reasons, you will be billed for the additional mailing costs to resend

If your order is lost due to an addressing problem, I will not be able to help find it, recall it or refund the costs

Bottom line: 25% of all orders I receive have some kind of small addressing error or improper punctuation. Re-Check your info, use proper spelling and grammar it really does count! Capitalize where required and don't abbreviate. It's your order and your money, isn't it worth getting it right?

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Information Specific to US Customers


All orders with standard shipping are sent via First Class Mail (3-14 business days delivery time is typical but not guarantied )


In stock orders (nearly 100%) are typically shipped within 24 hours or less


Out of stock items ship day of arrival, typically within just a few days


Insurance is optional not standard, if you don't request it, you won't have it. Lost or damaged orders cannot not be refunded or replaced without insurance

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 Shipping Information specific to Customers outside the USA


All orders are shipped through the US Postal Service via First Class Mail (10-30 day delivery typical but not guarantied)


All defective items must be returned for replacement


Insurance is optional - not standard, if you don't request it, you won't have it


Lost or damaged orders cannot not be replaced or in-house credit issued without insurance


Non-US customers claiming lost shipments must provide proof in the form of an official letter from their postal service confirming the shipment is actually lost with no chance of recovery


An upgrade to Global Priority Mail service is available from some countries at check-out: Approximately 5-30 business days "average" delivery service (Note: USPS does not guaranty delivery time or offer real time tracking for this level service)


Orders typically ship within 24-48 hours or less


Out of stock items ship day of arrival, typically within just a few days

Export Customers - Read the below before ordering

Even though all export orders are shipped via airmail, and while most orders will arrive within a few weeks, there are going to be cases when delivery times will run much longer. I've seen cases when it's taken over 3 months for delivery. The reasons for delayed and returned shipments are often incorrect or incomplete addresses but most often the customs office or postal service in the customers own country. What can do done about this? Well outside of being sure you are supplying accurate information, not much.

Understand that once I hand your order over to the postal service I have no control over when it will arrive. There is no way to track airmail packets in real time, and no way to know when your order will arrive. These are just the simple facts (and risks) of export shipping. 

If your not comfortable with any of the above, then its best to purchase your parts elsewhere.  


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