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4 New Cartridges
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Needles for replacement Cartridges

Below you will find needles for every replacement cartridge I have sold in the past or carry currently

If you need a replacement cartridge please see this page: Replacement Cartridges 

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#P51 78 RPM Replacement Needles

IMG_2343.JPG (33413 bytes)

Sapphire 2 mil tip $10

Sapphire 3 mil tip $10

#P51 45 RPM Replacement Needles

Diamond .7 mil tip $12 (Best overall pick for 45/33 records)

Sapphire 1 mil tip $10 (Better for mono 45's, but will play stereo)

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The Pickering NP/AC - Stanton 400V3 cartridge

NP/AC Commercial Duty Replacement Needles

IMG_4981.JPG (13204 bytes)  IMG_4982.JPG (17851 bytes)

Diamond tip for 45/33 play $15


Diamond tip for 78 play $19 


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Stanton 500V3 Cartridge


500V3 Commercial Duty Replacement Needles


Diamond tip for 45/33 play $15

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Sonotone 65T

65T Replacement Needles

Exact Replacement, .7 mil Diamond Tip Stereo Compliant needle on both sides: $10 Each

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P-132 Cartridge

P132 Replacement Needles


  45 / 78 mix: diamond .7 mil / sapphire 3 mil needle for P132  $10

  IMG_2288.JPG (13868 bytes)

Standard 45/33: stereo compliant replacement .7 mil diamond needle for P-132  $10 Each

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Sonotone 8T

8T Replacement Needles

Stereo Compliant .7 mil Diamond tip $13.95

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Sonotone 9T Re-Issue

9T Replacement Needles

Stereo Compliant .7 mil Diamond tip $12.95

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Sonotone 16T


16T Replacement Needles

Stereo Compliant .7 mil Diamond tip $12.95

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IMG_5273.JPG (16982 bytes)  IMG_5274.JPG (14004 bytes)  IMG_5275.JPG (13381 bytes)

MG-55C replacement needles

  IMG_2348.JPG (8583 bytes)

Exact replacement, Commercial grade w/Diamond Tip $14


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