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Fuse Parts

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Fuse Caps & Holders

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Fuse Caps

The caps below fit most AGC & MDL/Slow-Blo jukebox fuse holders

Most are used originals, stock is limited and condition will very

They were also commonly used in antique radios & phonos, shortwave and ham radio gear, Fender and other vintage guitar amps and so on

Not for use with GMQ fuse holders

Early Style

The most common fuse cap used on most makes/models up until the late 50's


$6 each


Tall Early Style

I've seen this cap mostly on 40's Seeburgs


Later Style

The most common fuse cap on 60's and newer machines


$5 each

Threaded Cap



Recessed head for holders that have a lip

Occasionally found in 60's and 70's jukes

Sold Out

Notched/Daisy head cap

Used on 70's Seeburg and some 60's Wurlitzer models

Also used on some 50's/60's Guitar amps like Fender


Fuse Holder Assemblies

Replacement chassis mount fuse holders, will accept any of the AGC or MDL fuses sold on site

Mostly NOS and used originals, limited stock on all types

Not for use with GMQ fuse holders

NOS fuse holder with threaded cap

Currently Out of Stock

Used original fuse holder with cap

Found on hundreds of jukeboxes and other electronics 50's and early


NOS fuse holder with pigtail and without cap


Notched/daisy head Holder with cap

Used on 70's Seeburg's

and some 50's/60's Guitar amps like Fender




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