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The world of locks and keys is an exact one, and close doesn't cut it here

When Selecting a Lock, its mainly about the length of the lock (Dimension "A")

Diameter generally isn't important as most US made locks use the same standardized opening / hole size

So step #1 is removing the old lock and measuring it as in this diagram

If you don't have a lock to use as a guide, then start by taking measurements of the thickness of the material the lock is to be mounted in (i.e. side of cabinet, wallbox bezel, cash door...)

This will give you a good starting point as to what length lock your installation requires

Take the time to get your facts straight

Selecting and fitting a lock requires quite a bit of thought and sometimes creativity

Be ready to do some thinking, and careful measuring

If you inquire for my assistance, always include clear close-up pictures

Include shots of the lock from 2 or 3 angles

And you must include a picture showing the "A" length as well as the "A" dimension in written form

Also include the make and model your working on

Email all the pertinent info to Needles4Jukeboxes@gmail.com

Keep in mind, for most lock applications, there isn't an exact replacement available

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Keep in Mind

Replacing locks often not a "Plug & Play" situation

Its typically finding something close and making it work

With lock cams (the "arm" or "flag" that moves when the key is turned) there can be a lot of customizing involved

The cam might be too long or short, it might require bending. Its quite common to have to bend the cam slightly inward or outward to make it operate smoothly (or at all)

And sometimes things get more involved, with cams needing double bends to create an offset that's just right, or drilling a hole for attaching a linkage

Once in a while some fabrication work, cutting/welding and so on for some of the more unusual installations

However keep in mind once a lock or cam is marked or modified, the lock set is no longer returnable


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Returns & Exchanges

All returned items must be in new condition and complete with all parts/pieces

Locks or locks sets with missing, marred or damaged parts are non-returnable

To start a return for exchange or refund just follow these steps:

1st email me at Needles4Jukeboxes@gmail.com with the reason for the request so I understand what's happening when the return arrives here - all returns must be pre-approved

2nd, Include a copy of the invoice and a brief reminder note or copy of our email

3rd, All returns must be made within 30 days of purchase


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