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Rockola 12, 16 & Pre-War 20 play mechanism drive belt.

This belt fits most early Rockola jukeboxes from the mid-30's through the Windsor/Monarch series and should fit most pre-war luxury lite-up series.

Your belt should have an outside measurement of about 10.5"

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IMG_3412.JPG (187779 bytes)

$15 each

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Rockola 1422 Animation Belts

This belt runs the power from the outer color cylinder to the inner

Sold in pairs: $14

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Rockola Post-War 20 Play 1422-26-28 Series Changer V-Type Drive Belt

This V-belt will fit the record changer on all Magic-Glo series Rockola models. 

Your typical measured belt length should be an outside diameter should be about 14-14.5", you can also measure around the outside of the pulleys if your belt is missing.

This belt may also fit some pre-war 20 select models.

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1432-1434 Mechanism Drive Belt

This V-belt fits the Rockola 1432 Rocket & 1434 Super Rocket models

Your typical measured belt length should be an outside diameter (or around the outside of two pulleys) should be about 22.5"

IMG_6393.JPG (190732 bytes)

Replaces #15147


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Record Magazine Belt

Fits: 1468, 1475, 1478, 1485, 1488, 1495/6 & 408 models


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436-437 Animation Drive Belt

This belt drives the Cityscape animation on the Rockola 436 and 437

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Don't see your belt listed? Feel free to email me, if I can find a match I'll add it to the site!



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