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Rockola Cabinet Keys

The keys I offer are for the original factory installed cabinet locks that open lids, front and back doors.

These keys will not fit cash box drawers or non-original cabinet locks.

Every cash door lock is unique and there is no source for them. If you're missing the key to your cash box door, there are two solutions: Replace the lock or have a locksmith fit a new key.

Need a replacement lock for your Jukebox? See our lock page


The D032 fits the front and back door on Rockola models 1422 & 1426

D032 Key $15


The RO-62 fits Rockola the 1428 with original "Bell" brand cabinet lock. 

If your lock looks like this (note the slot shape)

IMG_2957.JPG (11631 bytes)

Order this key

IMG_4194.JPG (77616 bytes)

RO-62 key $19.99

Out of Stock


The Rockola F486 key fits: 1484, 1493, 1494, 403, 404, 408, 414, 418, 424, 425, 426, 429, 430, 431, 432, 433 & 434 models.

Your lock should look like this

F486 Key $6.99


The F592 key fits:  1455, 1458, 1462, 1464, 1465, 1468, 1475, 1478, 1485, 1488, 1495, 1496, 1497 and all 435 - 460 models.


Your lock should look like this

F592 Key $6.99


The F593 key fits Models: 1432, 1434, 1436, 1438, 1442, 1446, 1448, 1452 & 1454.

Your lock should look like this

F593 Key $6.99


The P600 key fits all models 463 thru 498 & R1000


Your lock should look like this

IMG_2954.JPG (10172 bytes)

P600 Key $6.99


The P1200 key fits the 2000X thru current production CD playing commercial Rockola Jukes.

Your lock should look like this

IMG_2954.JPG (10172 bytes)

P1200 Key $6.99


The EC-105 fits the cabinet lock on Rockola Retro Jukeboxes

This would be home use models like the CD-8 Bubbler

If lock looks like this

Then order this key

EC105 Cabinet Key $12 (Rockola Part # ST-11296-K)

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Need Replacement Locks for Your Rockola?

Click to our lock page and check out our complete line of replacement locks!


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