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The world of locks and keys is an exact one, and close doesn't cut it here. The information you base your purchase on must be exact

Being off by even one number or letter on your order and your next email will be one that starts with "I received my key but it doesn't work"

Take the time to get your facts straight. For vending keys you must have the exact and complete code from your lock

Clean and polish the face of the lock. Use a magnifying glass and if you have doubt forward your findings (including pictures) and I'll do my best to help you

When inquiring for assistance, always include clear close-ups of the locks face


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Q & A for keys and Locks

The #1 question: What key fits my Soda Machine?

Supply the info and pictures as outlined above and I should be able to assist 

The #2 Question: I received my key but it doesn't work, what do I do now?

First tell me how it doesn't work, does it not fit into the lock, or does it slide in but not turn? Always include a clear close-up picture of the locks face.

95% of the people who ask question #2 find following this advice solves their problem

After sitting for years locks are stiff and gummed up. If your key won't even slide into the lock, this is not because you have received the wrong key! Its simply that the tumblers inside your lock are frozen. Sometimes there's something stuck in the lock. Like what? Like 30 year old ketchup or other food crammed in by bratty kids. Its not uncommon to find locks with keys or other objects snapped off inside them. If there's crud or a broken key tip in the lock, you must remove it first. Once the lock is cleared and ready to receive the key the lock must be lubricated. Most people use a spray penetrating oil (I sell an excellent lock lubricant right on site), just spray a little into the key opening. Now work the key in and out (not force it, not bang it in with a hammer) until it starts to slide nicely, then when it will slide to maximum depth with ease start twisting the key slide to slide. At this point most locks will just start turning, others need more help. Now I'm going to suggest something, something that must be done with some common sense. When a lock won't budge, I will carefully use a pair of pliers to help get the key turning. This does not mean use key bending pressure, but very often the first turn takes a lot of pressure, more than bare fingers can assert. Also keep in mind that marked up keys, ones with plier or other marks can not be returned. So folks, please use your head not a hammer and good luck!

Question: You don't list my lock code, how can I get a key

Sometimes I can find codes not listed and sometimes I can't, forward the info as outlined at the top of the page and I'll see if I can help

Question: My lock is blank, can you supply a key for it?

A blank lock on a vending machine generally means the lock has been changhed

Without the lock code, there is no way to know which key to make and you are generally looking at drilling and replacing the lock

The only possible exception are Bell type locks, see that page for details on keys for blank Bell type locks

Question: Can I buy a master key?

There's no such thing. While motels and other institutions may have them, its urban myth that Jukeboxes or soda machines do

Question: I need a lock for my cash drawer, which one is correct?

There is no magic here and no cross-reference, for the most part its up to you to take measurements and find the best match possible

Tip: The most important measurement is barrel length, this means getting an accurate measurement of length of area of the cabinet/coin door that the lock has to pass through adding enough to you can thread on the nut but no extra that will move the cam to far in

Once you know what barrel length is required, then you can sift through the listings to find the best match

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Returns & Exchanges for Standardized Keys

All returned items must be in new condition, bent, twisted, or keys with marks will not be accepted

Keys with marks from pliers, show signs of filing or modification or are marred in any way are non-returnable

Returns for refund or exchange are excepted on standardized cabinet keys

Just follow these steps:

1st Email me Needles4Jukeboxes@gmail.com with the reason so I understand what's happening when the key arrives - all returns must be pre-approved

2nd, Include a copy of the receipt and a brief reminder note or copy of our email

3rd, All returns must be made within 30 days of purchase

Returns & Exchanges for Custom Ordered Keys

If you have a custom ordered key, a key that was ordered by lock code that you want to return or exchange that's a little different

Custom made keys are returnable for exchange only. There is a flat $5 exchange fee on returned custom keys, you'll also be required to cover the shipping costs

To exchange a custom made key, follow the same steps as above


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