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Soda Keys
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Keys for Soda & Vending Machines

Custom manufactured keys for many of the original locks found on both vintage and modern soda and vending machines.

Brands like Vendo, VMC, Rowe and many others

Look through the listings below, you'll find some of the most popular key types listed.

If you don't see a series that matches your machines lock number, email that number and a picture of the lock face.

We'll check our data base to see if its possible to supply the key.

There is no one key fits all or master key solution

To supply a key, your lock must be stamped with a legible number and that number must be submitted with your order.

If the lock on your machine does not have a number, then there is no way to supply a key for it.

Please read! The stamped numbers on lock faces can be very difficult to accurately read. The round numbers can look alike and some locks stampings are just about impossible to see with the naked eye.  Clean/polish the face, use a magnifier and read in daylight, whatever it takes to get an accurate reading. The number you submit must be absolutely correct or the key will not work. All keys are made to order, therefore they are non-returnable items.

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Chicago PR series Keys

Commonly found on 50's - 70's machines


PR501-PR515 & 519

PR1302, 03, 07, 08, 12, 13, 1315-1320

$14 each

Enter Key Number

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National Keys

Check the face of your lock, if it looks like either of these with a B or C followed by up to 3 digits (01A-500A) stamped into it, I can cut a key for it.

If it's blank I cannot.

Any number from B01A-B500A or C01A-C500A

$10 each 

Enter Key Number


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Questions? Email Sales@Needles4jukeboxes.com


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