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This is the inventory I was able to save from jukeboxparts.com

What you see is what I have, please do not email requests for parts not shown

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Original Jukebox Repair Parts

Below is my entire remaining inventory of original NSM jukebox parts, all items are limited quantity

Pictures are meant as a general representation of each item, actual item you receive will the best available at the given moment

These items are used and many are untested, all are sold without warranty and should be considered non-returnable


Please do not email requests for parts not shown

Clutch Pin $35

Trip Board 1  $25


Trip Board 2 $25

Optical Sensor $50


217-481 Keypad $75



NOS 217-481 Keypad $100


217-602 Keypad $85

217-809 Keypad $97.99

Button Color

Scan Motor (Early)

Shipping Destination

Scan Motor (Late)

Shipping Destination

NSM Performer Grand / Silver Sky Series Lid Lock

(Accepts Key #2C2608) $25

Turntable Drive Motor

Shipping Destination


Tension Spring for above motor $15


Credit & Control / Centrale


Shipping Destination

Credit & Control / Centrale

Shipping Destination



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