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AMI / Rowe NSM Rockola Seeburg Wurlitzer



New Seeburg Jukebox Parts


 Power Switch

Universal fit STDP Toggle Switch

High quality American made


The factory used these with the terminals jumped for double the current capacity

$9.99 each


Seeburg End of Record Trip Switch


Fits models: 100B-PFEAU


Seeburg Stylus Cleaning Brush

These were original equipment on most 50's models and are a handy item for any jukebox

$6 each

Replacement Seeburg Motor Capacitors



1.0/1.4 for models: 100B-222


.75/1.65 for Models: Q-STD4


2.2/2.2 fits Models:

SMC, 100-79M and others 3 wire motor applications



Auto Speed Unit Parts


Seeburg Auto-Speed Unit Cap Kit

Fits LPC-1, LPC480: Blue 45TASU1 & PFEAU1A/APFEAU, SS-160: Lavender 45TASU2


Seeburg Auto-Speed Unit Control Pot

Fits LPC-1, LPC480 45TASU1 & PFEAU1/APFEAU, SS-160 45TASU2

Replace Seeburg #307625  $19.99


Seeburg Carriage Drive Line Parts

The following parts fit all 45 playing jukeboxes M100B & later and most 45 playing library units

If your picking up motor hum/noise, or speed related issue's like wow or flutter it's most likely caused but stiff or disintegrating driveline parts

These brand new replacements are made of modern ultra soft and super quiet long lasting rubber. They are the best available


Motor Couplers


Super Soft Rubber Coupler $32.99 each


Motor Mounts

Matching pair of motor mounts with super soft rubber

$64.99 per pair

Fits 100A through STD3 and some STD4 models

Does not fit: 3 wire Nidec brand motors found on some STD4's, SMC's & others

 Motor Support Rubber


Motor Support Rubber $6.50 each

Fits 100B through SMC models

Seeburg Repair / Trouble Shooting Guides

Ron Rich's Seeburg Mechanism Guide


This guide is intended as a supplement, to all of the Seeburg published service manuals. It attempts to get the reader "up to speed" on how the mechanism operates. It mentions, but does not cover the 4 selection systems Seeburg used during the 50 years the basic mechanism was produced, as they are covered in detail, in the manuals that go with the phono model.  Includes a small trouble shooting guide, lube guides, representative schematics, and lots of facts not found in most service manuals.



Ron Rich's Seeburg Microlog Digital Jukebox Trouble Shooting Guide


Seeburg MicroLog Digital Jukebox Trouble Shooting Guide: (About $25.00 retail)

( Covers the "Quadribit" selection system used from the LS-3 model thru the STD-4 models)
This guide is a supplement to the factory printed Service Manuals.  It has a brief "system overview", which covers how the system should work, then Service Notes on the internal components. It then has a trouble shooting guide and procedures to follow that should lead the reader to the exact unit in the phono that is failing. Other then for the DCC's, it does not go into component repairs, as that's covered in the Service Manuals, and / or, Tony Miller's, "Black/Gray Box, Book". 


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Original Seeburg Jukebox Repair Parts

Below is my entire remaining inventory of original Seeburg jukebox parts, all items are limited quantity

Pictures are meant as a general representation of each item, actual item you receive will the best available at the given moment

The items are used, dirty and many are untested, all are sold in as-is condition and without warranty and should be considered non-returnable

Seeburg Parts

Please do not email requests for parts not shown

Detent Pawl

Fits most models 161-SMC




SC / Consolette Wallbox Page Gears

These are the gears that flips the pages in all SC models

If you have pages that don't flip check for missing teeth

#507427 SC Wallbox Page Segment Gear

$15 each


Power Transformer #303083

Fits: WSR3, WSR5 & WSR6 Selection Receivers

Shipping Destination

Quad Stack Reversing Switch $75

Triple Stack Reversing Switch $35

Double Stack Reversing Switch $35


Original Pin Cancel Coils Part #304370

Sold Out

Mounts on the plastic carriage under the pinbank on models: 100B-100R    Tested Item

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100B, 100C, 100G/W Cancel Coil Plunger $10

Available in rigid or spring type

Plunger Type

Original/Used Tone Arm Trip Switch $20

Tested Item

I also have these brand new

See lising near the top of this page

Trip Adjustment assembly w/spring $20

100A Pin Cancel Coil $30

Tested Item


Popularity Meter Guide $10 each

Fits Most, but not all, 45 playing models

Check fit before ordering

NOS Seeburg Discotheque Drink Coasters

Condition varies from very good to near mint condition



NOS Seeburg Discotheque Cocktail Napkins

Condition varies from very good to near mint condition


DCC2 & DCC3 12v Relay $30  

Coil Tested

Pickering Stereo Blackhead/Redhead Cartridge screw $6

(Does not work with mono cartridges)

Tone Arm Reed Type Trip Switch


Arm w/Magnet for Reed Type Trip Switch


24 Volt Plug in Relay $30

Fits most Seeburg amps and DCC's

that require a 24 volt relay

Coil Tested



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