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AMI / Rowe NSM Rockola Seeburg Wurlitzer



New Wurlitzer Jukebox Parts

100-104 Selection Guide Tips

These Guide tips fit the lift arms of all 100 & 104 play  Wurlitzer models 1700-3310


  $4.99 for two pieces


200 Selection Guide Tip Kits

These Duck Bill kits fit the lift arms of all 200 play Wurlitzer models 2000-3300

Includes all parts as shown $25 - enough to do one arm


200 Selection Guide Tip Springs

These springs fit the lift arms of all 200 play Wurlitzer models 2000-3300

Part #65812  $5.99 each-enough to repair one lift arm


 Power Switch

Universal fit STDP Toggle Switch

High quality American made


The factory used these with the terminals jumped for double the current capacity

$9.99 each

 Latch Solenoid w/Plunger

Fits Wurlitzer models 1700-2150

Use only with machines on coin play

Constant energizing of free play will burn out the coil


Part #60717  Brand new reproduction


 Selection Cancel Assembly

Fits all Wurlitzer models 3400-3810, 7500 & 1050


Part #133476  Brand new factory original


Wurlitzer Motor Mounts & Grommets

Turntable Motor Mounts for 1700-3800, 7500 & 1050

$5.99 each


 Turntable motor Grommet

1700-2600 order one

2700-3300 order two

$5 each

 Rubber Rejuvenator

Use on idler wheels and other rubber parts

Deglazes, Cleans and Revitalizes rubber surfaces

$18 for 1oz bottle as shown

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Original Jukebox Repair Parts

Below is my entire remaining inventory of original Wurlitzer jukebox parts from Jukeboxparts.com, all items are limited quantity

Pictures are meant as a general representation of each item, actual item you receive will the best available at the given moment

These items are used and many are untested, all are sold without warranty and should be considered non-returnable

Please do not email requests for parts not shown

104 Selection Coil & Core $20

Fits 1700-1800

Tested Item

#65771 200 Selection Coil & Core $20

Fits 2000

Tested Item

Number Stop Solenoid $20

Tested Item

Letter Solenoid w/Shield $20

Tested Item

Letter Solenoid wo/Shield $20

Tested Item

112104 Latch Solenoid $65

Tested Item

122133 White Relay $25

Coil Tested

137088 Yellow Relay $35

Coil Tested

Mini Coil $20

Tested Item

Fits Most Playraks and 3400 Override Control

#121901 Selector Button $10

Fits all 2700-3010 Models


Original 1700 - 3300

Tone Arm Bias Spring

Set of used Model 2000

Page Classification Headings $15

Gee Dad its a Wurlitzer Pin


1980's repro pin showing some signs of use/age $10 each

2 available


2 Pairs of Vintage 2000-3300 Duck Bills $40


Wurlitzer Remote Volume Controls

Remote Volume Control #1

Shipping Destination

Remote Volume Control #2 

Shipping Destination

Remote Volume Control #3

Shipping Destination



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