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Gas Springs
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Gas Springs for Rowe & Seeburg jukeboxes

Tired of using a broomstick, pool cue or your head to hold the lid up on your jukebox? Why struggle with heavy lids when servicing or changing records? I now offer exact replacement cartridges built to the same specs as the originals.

Gas springs (sometimes called lift cartridges or gas struts/shocks) are used for lifting and supporting dome lids on all Rowe Models from the R84 thru the CD100 series and Seeburg SMC1-3 models.

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Because of the size and weight of gas springs, I can not ship them outside the US for my flat rate. The pricing shown is for US sales only.

If you live outside the United States and buy gas springs

you must purchase additional shipping below


Additional Shipping to Canada $25.99


Additional Shipping to all Countries expect Canada $32.99

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Gas Springs for Rowe Jukeboxes

R84 & R85

Replaces Rowe part number 4-07149-02

Sold in pairs $59.99

R86 & R87

Replaces Rowe part number 4-07149-03

Sold in pairs $59.99


Replaces Rowe part number 4-07149-04

Sold in pairs $59.99

R89 thru R94 and CD51

Replaces Rowe part number 4-07149-05

Sold in pairs $59.99

CD100 thru CD100E

Replaces Rowe part number 4-07149-08

Sold in pairs $59.99

Gas Springs for Seeburg Jukeboxes

SMC1, 2 & 3 Models

Replaces Seeburg Gas Spring Part Number 459978

Sold in pairs $59.99




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