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Idler Wheels

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Jukebox Idler Wheels



Fits AMI F80/120, G80/120, H, I & J Models



Fits AMI K and Continentals with Automix



Fits all 45 playing Rowe/AMI Models JAL - R83



Fits 1436-1454


 Tire Only

Fits SINGLE SPEED turntable drives 1455 and newer

Does not fit later dual speed setups

If your idler looks like this

This is the replacement tire




Fits 1455-1497 and later models with single speed turntables



Fits all Dual Speed (45/33) Turntables 404 through 498/R1000


  Idler Wheel Tension Springs
 Idler Wheel Spring

Fits AMI A-Cont 2 & Rowe JAL-R83


 Rockola Idler Wheel Spring

Fits 1436-498


Turntable Motor Grommets

Sold in sets of three, these grommets fit:

AMI models A-E, F40, G40 & K-Continental 2 Including Automix

All Rockola models from the 1436 thru 498 / R1000

All AMI/Rowe models from the JAL thru R83

These are exact replacement for both white (typically yellowed) and black types.

IMG_6319.JPG (19435 bytes)

$12 per set of 3

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 Large Turntable Motor Grommets for AMI F-K Models wo/Automix (except F40 & G40)

$14.99 set of 3


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